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Sub Category: Cobalt and Joint Replacements


Dr. Steve Tower - Orthopaedic Surgeon, Anchorage, AK

Dr. Tower's recommendations for his patients requiring Joint Replacement;

Update on Dr. Tower’s Research: 

Alaska Study of Arthroplastic Cobalt Encephalopathy (ACE) as of 7/25/18


  Risks of Metal on Metal Hip Implants - February 2014

Wear & Corrosion Chrome-Cobalt Hip Implants - November 2015

Complications of Wear or Corrosion of Chrome Cobalt Hip Implants November 2016

Metal Poisoning & Brain Toxicity in Patients with Hip Implants - November 2017

Brain Toxicity from Cobalt in Hip IMplants as Seen on a PET Brain Scan 

Dr. Bridges - November 2017

Dr. Tower at Oregon Health Science University, July 2018



Medication induced Suicide 



Woody Matters



Medicine Induced Suicide Education Foundation





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Issues of Medication Side Effects or Health Care


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